Offering  mindfulness training programs and coaching in many formats and settings.

Mindfulness Training Program

Mindfulness concepts and practices are introduced in a pragmatic way - towards discovering our inherent strength, clarity and wisdom which opens up new dimensions and possibilities that is skillful and rich. Hence we can courageously face our problems, look at them from a new perspective and handle them skillfully. It naturally leads to healing, peace, joy and freedom.

Some of the key stages of the program:
  • Synchronizing the body and the mind - being fully embodied to tap into the inherent wisdom of our body.
  • Discovering the mind's natural stability, clarity and strength by taming the wild mind with calm abiding.
  • Developing friendship and trust with our own mind by cultivating awareness of the body, emotions and thoughts.
  • Clearly seeing our habitual patterns and reactions, and finding a "space" to respond skillfully.
  • Cultivating loving kindness and fearlessness towards insight and wisdom.


Dancing is used as a tool and as an example to understand, appreciate and apply mindfulness. No prior dance experience is necessary, only interest and willingness to try.

"Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances." -- Maya Angelou.

As we bring mindfulness to the rhythms of life, it naturally leads to harmony and joy. In dancing, the rhythm is well pronounced for us to practice and cultivate harmony. At its basic level, dancing is movements, cultivating embodiment, synchronizing the mind and the body. It is naturally grounded in the present moment. Dancing further leads to exploring, connection, vulnerability, authenticity, grace and love. Partner dancing reflects backs like a mirror, informing all the aspects of connection: reactivity vs. responding, forcing and controlling vs. inviting and allowing, developing space for flexibility and creativity, and the essence of friendliness and playfulness.
Mindfulness Holistic Coaching

A custom designed mindfulness coaching program is offered to individuals, couples or small group focusing on present life issues and challenges.

Mindfulness is best approached starting from where one is at present, as mindfulness is more experiential than intellectual, more of "being" than "doing".
  • Stress; Anxiety; Trauma
  • Depression; Addiction
  • Anger; Irritation; Lack of focus
  • Restlessness; Sleeplessness
  • Lack of confidence; Lack of self-esteem
  • Struggling with work-life balance
  • Relationship issues
With proper mindfulness practices and approaches, present life issues and challenges can be skillfully utilized as stepping stones to discover our inherent strength, clarity and wisdom. So we can learn to face our fear step by step, and skillfully handle stress, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, etc.
    • Helping through the mindfulness journey with its concepts and practices towards realizing one's true potential and over-all well-being.
    • Assisting in discovering unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, interfering habitual patterns and behaviors.
    • Finding ways to sort through myriad demands and distractions with a clarity of knowing one's core values and what is important.

    Online/Remote Offerings

    Both Mindfulness Training Program & Mindfulness Holistic Coaching are also offered remotely via video conferencing (FaceTime, Viber, Whatsapp, Duo, Google Chat...)

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