Aloneness = Our True Reality

People are so afraid of being alone. For some people, this fear may be even deeper than the fear of death. Though being alone often manifests as feeling lonely, one can feel lonely even in the middle of large crowd. So we need to differentiate between external state (being alone) and internal state (feeling lonely). 

We have a deep longing to be connected with others - to love and to be loved. Though the world population is keep growing, yet the modern human beings are feeling more and more disconnected and lonely.

In reality, we are not alone, and we can never be alone. We share our life so deeply with all other people, creatures, plants, etc. We are intricate part of this universe and the universe is within us. Though we may understand this inter-connected nature intellectually, but we do not feel it experientially in our "being" - so we feel alone. 

 it is part of mindfulness practice to feel experientially; then you never feel alone. 

Aloneness -vs-  Loneliness (our internal reality or feeling)

Also, Aloneness is our true reality (internal), weather we are alone or with people. Aloneness is being comfortable, peaceful and joyful with yourself; you are not depend on others (internally/psychologically); all your relationships and connections with people will become expression of your peace and joy. When we don't deeply understand this, and when we depend on others for our happiness, we feel lonely. We'll discuss it further.

Loneliness --> Aloneness

Aloneness is only way to grow... only way to know yourself... only way to real happiness
If you may feel lonely, you may feel helpless... but that's only way to look at things helpfully
Then you can move into any relationships fully and properly -- without neediness and desperateness

If you mix loneliness with the entertainment, the whole thing becomes hollow and fruitless

People are so afraid of being alone. For some people, this fear may be even deeper than the fear of death. 

Loneliness (misery) (negative state) -vs- Aloneness (bliss) (positive state)
But there will be a transitory period when you will not be able to cling and you will not be able to know what is going to happen and you will be just in between.
”the dark night of the soul.” 
The old light has disappeared and the new has not arisen yet.
Rest a little while, let your eyes be settled, and you will be able to see a light arising – a light with no heat, a flame without heat, a light which is cool.
Loneliness and Boredom --> are expressions of Openness.

All man's miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.
-- Blaise Pascal 

I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.
-- Robin Williams

Until you get comfortable with being alone, you'll never know if you're choosing someone out of love or loneliness.     
-- Mandy Hale