Mindfulness is our home, our birthright 
From where we can navigate our life w
ith dignity and freedom.

Mindfulness Training Program

Discovering our natural inherent strength, clarity and wisdom which opens up new dimensions and possibilities that is skillful and rich. Hence we can courageously face our problems, look at them from a new perspective and handle them skillfully.
Mindfulness Holistic Coaching

Skillfully utilizing present life issues and challenges as stepping stones to discover our inherent strength, clarity and wisdom. So we can learn to face our fear step by step, and skillfully handle stress, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, etc. 

DancingWayö Mindfulness

Bringing mindfulness to the rhythms of life that naturally leads to peace and harmony.

Mindfulness is being diligent, mindful and clearly knowing. It is a way of "being" in the present moment, opening up to life just as it is.

Since our experience of both happiness and suffering depends upon the mind, wouldn't it make sense to get to know intimately how the mind works?